With quiet hallways and empty classrooms, life is anything but ordinary at the I PROMISE School. This week, our IPS educators are returning to their school home in coordinated shifts to pack up items left at the impromptu closure. With students’ sweaters still hanging on hooks and projects filling their bins, their teachers came to clean and organize all that was left behind to prepare for the road ahead.

Always working to meet the unique needs of the I PROMISE students, IPS teachers, team LJFF and our Chase volunteers will be delivering students’ belongings straight to their doorsteps, creating an in-person opportunity to check in and show how much we miss them.

With social distancing at the forefront, students will be surprised with a parade of support in the coming days as we make the rounds to every student’s home. 


While the teachers clear their classrooms, work also continues in the Family Resource Center and the new 6th grade wing to make sure home is ready when our kids and families can safely return.

As much as our students miss and need school, we all miss and need them more! Can’t wait for the day the IPS hallways are buzzing once again, and the classrooms are anything but empty.

Speaking of empty classrooms, the graduating class of 2020 will have their virtual celebration event this Saturday when LJFF’s Graduate Together special airs on all major broadcast stations and social media platforms. With his kids in Akron as his inspiration, LeBron will address the graduates along with some of the nation’s most prominent leaders, entertainers, and educators. The official countdown to Graduate Together is on here!

We Are Family.