With wide eyes and excited minds, LeBron’s 7th graders listened intently to the executives, engineers, and employees as they shared about their jobs and their journeys. It’s not every day you get to visit the Little Tikes toy factory down the road in Hudson and have the opportunity to pitch new toy ideas, walk on the factory floor, and see a product go from an idea to a toy on the shelf. That’s the experience his I PROMISE kids recently soaked in, learning about the various job opportunities that make each part of the process possible.

The LeBron James Family Foundation’s monthly experience outings, like the recent trip to Little Tikes and the upcoming visits to the Goodyear hangar and the WKYC studios, spark our students’ imaginations and spring their career ambitions forward. To see their eyes light up when learning about countless positions they never knew existed, and realizing there is an open door to that dream is the reason we do these and will continue to do them for every grade level each year.


Speaking of springing forward, just as the clock jumped ahead, so to, have our I PROMISE School students in the standard testing process. The IPS kids continue to tackle testing like champs and we are so proud of their focus, their determination, and their progress so far.

Creating once-in-a- lifetime experiences, opening pathways to achieve newly realized dreams, and conquering fears is what the I PROMISE life is all about.

And we do it all as FAMILY.