LeBron Message

Hey guys!!!

Man, I miss my kids! How are you doing? How was your summer? I have a little break off from work and I’ve been traveling with my family, we just got back from Hawaii! I hope your summer has been great and that you have spent a lot of time with your family. There is nothing more valuable than the time we can give to each other, remember that.

I want all of you to know that there is no better place to grow up than Akron, Ohio. How do I know? Well… that’s because I grew up here, and this is my home. I played on the same streets, went to the same places, and learned in the same schools. I am proud to call Akron home.

I am so proud of my Wheels for Ed kids who are taking part in our I PROMISE Tech Camp and I PROMISE Training Camp. I know it is tough to sit in a classroom when your other friends are out playing, but I PROMISE you that the work you do now will pay off during the school year. In fact, I have to report to my training camp in just a few months. That’s right… even I have to attend camp!

We had an INCREDIBLE school year last year. I am so proud of you guys for your work in the classroom and your behavior outside of it. But, we’re not done yet. In fact, our journey has just started. In the words of the great Coach Scott, "Yesterday’s headlines wrap today’s fish." I want you to talk about that with your parents and camp teachers, and then I want you to PROMISE them that you will keep getting better.

I know that I have to continue to EARN your respect. Just as you PROMISE your parents and teachers that you will get better, I PROMISE you that I am going to get better.

Before I go, I want to give a special shout out to my third graders, the Class of 2025! If you attend Tech Camp and meet our attendance requirement, you will earn a spot in our Wheels for Education program!

Let’s start this year off strong!!!!

Your friend,

Mr. LeBron