I PROMISE Experience Outing | 3rd Grade

We extend our sincerest apology to anyone who tried to book a car or SUV with Thomas Limo yesterday, nearly all of their vehicles were on a special mission for LeBron.

At roughly 3 PM Eastern, a sea of black and white limo buses and SUVs descended on downtown Akron’s Northside station. The caravan was headed to LeBron’s Polar Express. What was their precious cargo? LeBron’s third grade Wheels for Education (WFE) students.

Upon arrival, LeBron’s VIPs were greeted by his special helpers, LeBron Advisory Board: Community members Deidre Norris and Ana Betro. Armed with an infinite supply of holiday spirit and contagious smiles, Deidre and Ana escorted LeBron’s kids aboard the Polar Express.

The typical reservation of third grade students was cast to the wind when they saw that the regal diesel engine train’s shimmering silver cars were filled with waving elves. "That’s for us?" a wide-eyed third grader shouted out in amazement as she rushed, trailed by her teacher and chaperone, headlong for her train car.

LeBron has always wanted his kids to experience the magic of the holiday season through the Polar Express. For the past two years, LeBron and the Foundation sent a group of third graders on the Polar Express, but much like anything LeBron does, he has to get better. Starting this school year, as part of our I PROMISE Experience Outings, all of LeBron’s active third grade WFE students are invited aboard the Polar Express. Consequently, LeBron went from renting a car to renting a whole train; as LeBron would say, "Anything for my kids."

Hot chocolate was poured, fresh cookies were delivered, a story was read, and carols were sung as the Polar Express made the journey from Akron to the North Pole. Content all throughout the trip, excitement hit a fever pitch when Santa visited with all of LeBron’s kids. Everyone, including LeBron’s 330 Ambassadors, sat on Santa’s lap.

We send a special and heartfelt thank you to everyone at Thomas Limo for providing the best service for our kids and to all of the Goodyear volunteers who served as Santa’s magical elves. Next up, our fourth graders have their own private concert with the Akron Orchestra and our fifth graders get to see a blockbuster movie before it hits theaters.