A raucous standing ovation erupted as John Hunter and Kendra Jones proceeded to the front of the packed Akron Public Schools board room. With their families watching proudly, John and Kenda were recognized by Board President Patrick Bravo and the Foundation for receiving their GED as part of the I PROMISE, Too program. When asked if she had a statement, Kendra simply said, "Never give up."

Though their journeys took a detour, John and Kendra jumped back on course through the Foundation’s I PROMISE, Too program. Hosted in partnership with Project Learn of Summit County, the I PROMISE, Too program is an adult GED program free to all I PROMISE parents. Lead by Ms. Lesley, the group’s dedicated instructor, class meets twice per week, and like many of their children, our I PROMISE, Too parents begin each class by reciting their PROMISE.

In addition to learning the skills necessary to achieve their Ohio GED, parents learn the importance of their role within their own family. They are leaders, role models, and as John’s son Eddie and Kendra’s children Kennedy and Cyrus, looked on, they are heroes.

John, Kendra, and all of our I PROMISE, Too parents makes us proud to say, "We are family."