PROMISE Mentors!

Taking its commitment to its kids’ college educations one step further, LJFF has announced a pilot for its new Urban Mentorship Program in partnership with the LeBron James Family Foundation College of Education (LJFFCOE). Through this program that will first be implemented exclusively for LJFF’s 6th and 7th grade Akron I PROMISE Network students at Litchfield Middle School, LeBron’s kids will receive hands-on mentorship and encouragement from a wide-range of The University of Akron’s LJFFCOE students.

Under the direction of UA’s Dr. Brad Maguth, students from his Urban Youth Mentorship class will be paired with AIPN students in an effort to provide another layer of learning. More than just math tutoring and help with homework, this program will offer the Foundation’s AIPN students regular interaction with college students in preparation for their own college careers.

Getting its students inspired, excited, and ready for college has become a key area for LJFF, and this mentorship program with UA is another resource to support and prepare its aspiring Zips for future success.