The LeBron James Family Foundation’s annual “We Are Family Reunion” has become an event we all look forward to every single year. For many of our families, it’s their only summer vacation.
For us, it’s an opportunity to come together and celebrate one another during a day of fun and family – typically complete with the best roller coaster rides in the world and a must-see stage show.
With the pandemic impacting all aspects of our lives, we wanted to share that while Cedar Point will soon be reopening, they will be under strict guidelines in terms of capacity. As our incredible family has continued to grow and expand year after year – in a way that exceeds even our biggest hopes and dreams – we are simply too large as a group for Cedar Point to accommodate under the state-mandated restrictions.
Rest assured we will be back at Cedar Point bigger and better than ever in 2021!
Until then, we still believe it is important – maybe more than ever – to come together as a family in some capacity. To support each other, to lean on one another, and to keep the tradition of our Family Reunion alive. We are currently working through what that may look like during this unfamiliar time, but we will do something in August. 
Because family sticks together.