Spend two minutes with third graders Zach, Jonathan and Danaven from Bettes and you’ll quickly learn that they are sports nuts, love school, know how to have fun, and all agree that LeBron is the greatest basketball player around! These are three of LeBron’s Wheels for Ed kids that you must get to know.

Zach says that his favorite subject in school, hands down, is science and no other subject comes close. He was especially excited to share that his class is raising baby chicks and that at some point these little creatures will be taken to their new home on a nearby farm when they’re ready. Zach gets to care for his baby chick and decided to name it "Scott" after his older brother. When he’s not working hard in the classroom, you can find Zach playing basketball and football (his favorite team is the Saints), riding his bike and skateboard, and staying current on the latest music hits. Not only that, but every Thursday Zach can be found knocking down the pins at the bowling alley near his house. When asked about LeBron, Zach said that he "likes the way LeBron plays and when he slam dunks the ball." He added a big thank you to his hometown hero for all he does!

Jonathan proudly wears his blue "I WILL DREAM BIG" wristband he received from LeBron for spring Akron After School sign-up. On a typical day, Jonathan can be found playing football and basketball, and his favorite subjects in school are math and gym. During the Akron After School sessions this year Jonathan enjoyed spending his time in Mad Scientist, Superhero, Imaginarium, and City Rec. One of Jonathan’s classmates chimed in to say that "he’s a very kind friend" which makes Principal David Brown pleased to know his kids are keeping their promises. During Heat games, you can be sure to find Jonathan cheering hard for LeBron who helps him to dream big!

Last, but not least, is Danaven who is a huge fan of LeBron and the Heat, but also says he’s a big fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers. His favorite color is black and he enjoys riding his bike on a beautiful day in Akron. After hearing that his favorite meal at home is flour tortillas with beans and cheese, the Foundation team wanted to know when they will be joining Danaven and his family for dinner. Danaven said he also likes cinnamon apple multi-grain bars; what a healthy young man! He likes being a Wheels for Ed kid and his favorite subject in school is math. He was very humble about it, but Principal Brown and some of Danaven’s classmates made sure to mention that he’s not just good at math but he’s one of the best in his class, a real mathematician. He also takes part in a leadership program at the school.

Though these three are having a great school year, they’re getting geared up for summer break and will soon enter fourth grade where they will no doubt be role models for the incoming Wheels for Ed Class of 2023!