Hey guys!

Wow… I don’t think I can begin with saying anything else other than "thank you". Thank you for making my welcome home one of the most special nights of my life. Standing up there on that stage and looking out and seeing all of my Wheels for Ed kids cheering for me, that was INCREDIBLE!

Friday was all about you guys. You have been making me proud for the past four years and I know we will just keep getting better and better.

Keeping PROMISES takes all of our effort. We have to get better every day for our family, our friends, and ourselves. My Class of 2021 and I made a new PROMISE on Friday. You guys are getting older, but I know that you will do your best to keep all of your PROMISES.

For my Class of 2024, keep up the great work at Tech Camp! When it is all over, you will EARN a brand new bike and helmet.

Have a great week.

Your friend,
Mr. LeBron