Hey guys,

Man, you just keep growing and growing and growing… Pretty soon you’re going to be in high school, and then college! You have me feeling OLD.

Does college feel like a reality for you? It should, because you have a scholarship to the incredible University of Akron waiting for you; work hard, keep your PROMISES and I have no doubt that you’ll EARN our scholarship. Today, college is no longer your dream, it’s my expectation.

As you start this year I want you to take a moment to think about all of the people who believe in you. From myself to your family and everyone in between, we all believe in you and are here to support you. When you walk through those school doors you are representing more than yourself, you represent all of the people who believe in you.

I PROMISE TO GO TO SCHOOL AND TO ARRIVE ON TIME FOR ALL OF MY CLASSES. You guys are my big kids, my role models. I need you to set the example for our Wheels for Ed kids. They look up to you and if they see you skipping school they are going to do the same and I WON’T LET THAT HAPPEN and neither will you…

Have a great week of school. I can’t wait to brag about all of the incredible things you accomplish this year.

Your friend.