When combined with our partners, the LeBron James Family Foundation aims to be a positive force in the Akron community. And when it comes to our deep-rooted partnership with JPMorgan Chase & Co, it is undeniably a "Force for Good."

JMPC’s Force for Good is a social innovation program that leverages their experts and resources to develop technology solutions for socially focused organizations. This tech-focused volunteer program kicked off its partnership with LJFF with its recent "Code for Good" 24-hour hackathon that brought college students together to use technology to create a solution for a very specific LJFF request.

With guaranteed college scholarships to The University of Akron waiting for all eligible WFE and AIPN students upon high school graduation, it became apparent the Foundation would need a reliable tracking system to monitor the students’ measurable data including their attendance, grades, state testing scores, and other milestones. The Code for Good event resulted in a prototype for a possible wearable tracker, and jump started the effort to produce a practical monitoring app for our kids.

Since then, JPMC’s Force for Good team of analysts and volunteers have been meeting weekly to fine-tune and perfect the self-reporting student tracking app that will serve as a tool for our kids to know exactly where they stand as they work towards achieving the benchmarks necessary to earn their college scholarships. The LJFF team will also be able to use it to monitor their progress and help keep them on the right track.

A very special thanks goes to the JPMC team for their help in creating this invaluable tool that the very first class of WFE students will start using in the Fall of 2017 as they begin their high school journey towards college.