LeBron Message

Hey guys,

I can’t believe how quickly this year has gone. The playoffs are finally here! I’m so excited to go to work with my teammates to try and bring another championship home for you guys.

The playoffs for me are like MAP testing or final exams for you guys. My teammates and I spend all year working towards our main goal, which is to win a championship. I trust my teammates and believe in all the hard work we’ve put in, so we’re ready to take the floor.

During the playoffs, I try to remove any distractions and focus solely on basketball. Although I won’t be able to write to you guys until after the playoffs, I want you to know that you will ALWAYS be on my mind and in my heart. No matter where I am or who we are playing, when I look down and see "I PROMISE" I think of all my I PROMISE kids and how much I love you guys.

While my teammates and I are taking care of business I know you’ll be doing the same with MAP testing and finishing up the school year. You guys are going to do great! Make sure you listen to your teachers instructions and get a good night’s sleep before your exam.

I am so proud of you guys.

Your friend,

Mr. LeBron