LeBron Message

Hey guys,

WHAT TIME IS IT!!? PLAYOFF TIMEEEEEEE! The playoffs are here and man, I’m pumped up!

Before I go dark for the playoffs, I want you guys to know that while I’m focusing on basketball, you are ALWAYS on my mind. I wear these bands for you, and no matter where I am or who I’m playing, you’re with me.

I know you guys have spring break, exams, and finals. I hope our I PROMISE bands give you the same strength they give me. Always remember, we’re in this together.

It’s very important to me that you are looking out for our younger I PROMISE kids while I’m taking care of business. They look up to you and we are all counting on you to set a positive example for them.

Have an awesome spring break. Dominate those exams. And keep making us proud!

Your friend,