As the cool morning dew gave way to the radiant Akron sunlight, twelve minds worked away feverishly. "When I was in fifth grade, it was all about clothes and how we looked to the boys," chimed Brandi. The group took turns time-traveling through their elementary years. "This is when sports really come into the picture," added David.

Why the time traveling and reminiscing? Our LAB Elementary board was discussing our Wheels for Education 2013-2014 I PROMISE School Year Curriculum at our LAB retreat.

The LAB Elementary board took a "work site modification" and spent the day working in the beautiful and rustic Bath Community Park. After a healthy breakfast and a brisk walk (we have to be role models to our kids, after all), our experts reflected on what they would do to "be best", examined this year’s body of work, looked at the new challenges associated with a Wheels for Ed class entering fifth grade, compiled a list of possible school year incentives (hint: bikes are back), and considered the possibilities for our back to school event.

Our LAB Elementary board is back in action on June 12, when they will take on finalizing the 2013-2014 year plan.