LeBron Message

Hey guys,

We are on a long road trip (and if you were next to me, you would’ve heard me say "Longgggggg road trip.") Over the next week, we’re in four states and five cities but I’m missing one place: home.

No matter where in the world I go, there really is no place like home.

Look around the next time you’re out. This is our city. These are our streets, our homes. You are our kids. It’s up to us to make our home better, and right now, it’s up to you guys to make the next generation better.

You promised to be a leader. I’m on the road until the 17th and I need you guys to look after things for me. Do the right thing in school and at home, and be the role model your peers and our Wheels for Ed kids need.

Everywhere I go I tell people that I’m just a kid from Akron. That’s for you guys. You make me proud to say that.

Keep working hard, and keep making our city a better home.


#JustAKidFromAkron #StriveForGreatness #WeAreFamily