LeBron Message

Hey guys,

I hope everyone had an awesome Halloween. My teammates and I had a costume party and it was killer. It’s always fun for me anytime I’m together with my friends and my family because I lean on them for so much. From my teammates and my coaches to my mother and my wife, I’m constantly asking questions and going to them for help.

There is no answer without a question. You have to understand that asking for help is a natural part of our growth as men and women. From the moment you joined this program you’ve promised us that you’ll ask questions. I don’t care if your classmates don’t think it’s cool to raise a hand and ask for help. You can’t stop getting better and the only way to do that is to ask for help.

I promise you, I am the first person to raise my hand when I don’t know something. And every time, without fail, it’s made me a better player and person.

Keep getting better, keep striving for greatness, and never, ever forget that we’re in this together.