LeBron Message

Hey guys,

Man, time is flying by. Are you all adjusted to school and your schedules? With the start of the season, my teammates and I have a new schedule and I’m excited for it. I was thinking about the adjustment from pre-season to in-season and it made me relate to you guys. School is your season. It’s tough. It’s long. But most importantly, it’s our time to seize an opportunity and be great.

"I promise to keep a positive attitude." Why do you think that’s in our PROMISE? All of you have the potential to be great. Yes, there will be days when you fall short or have a rough game, I’ve had plenty of those. I don’t want you to focus on those games, I want you to focus on how you recover. We have a promise so that we can lean on one another through tough times. The next time you’re down on yourself I want you to remember that I’ve been there and that you have all of our support to help you get out of that bad day.

We are the rubber city. We bounce back no matter how hard we get hit.

Have a great week.