LeBron Message

Hey Guys,

How’s everything going? Our season is in full swing now!

On my way into the arena I was thinking about you guys. It’s always exciting when the school year starts, it’s like the start of the season. Well, how do you find excitement when you’re near the end of the semester and days away from a holiday break? You look around you and you look inward.

When the season starts to wear on my body or I get tired, I find inspiration in my family, my teammates, and you guys. When it’s tough, I push myself to get better for them. When I look inward, I call on my big dreams to motivate me. And I know you have big dreams because I know you have big potential.

Look around at your family and your classmates. Get better for them.

Do it because you have big dreams and the potential and team to back them up.

Let’s do this!!