Saturday, August 2nd was a special day in Akron, Ohio for nine of LeBron’s Wheels for Education students as the long awaited PROMISE Project (link release) officially kicked off. Nine teams came together, each one serving a different Wheels for Education All-Star. Each team brought something unique to the child whose lawn was to be redone and made LeBron’s PROMISE a dream come true to these families. Team JPMorgan Chase was partnered up with Wheels for Education All-Star Bryce Owens in the transformation of his home’s landscaping and made the moment truly special for him and his family. From tearing up the front lawn, to painting the front porch and even constructing a tunnel of love in the middle of the street, JPMorgan Chase made every minute a great one! Thank you for carrying out LeBron’s PROMISE and giving Bryce something that he and his family can enjoy for a long time.

Video courtesy of Fox 8 News Cleveland