We are family. It's our way of life. Like all families, our connections draw us together from across the world. They allow us to forge special partnerships and give us access to people and resources we wouldn't normally have.

On Saturday, January 3, team members from JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPMC) provided the Foundation with an invaluable resource: their time. The first of two special nights, the JPMC team hosted LeBron's high school senior 330 Ambassadors in the JPMC private suite at the Q.

When the Ambassadors arrived at the Q, they were whisked off to a special area where the JPMC team awaited their arrival along with cozy family-style seating and a buffet to fuel the group. The LJFF and JPMC families got to know each other through some ice breakers and something the Foundation team loves to do, breaking bread. After laying the ground work for the evening, the JPMC team escorted our Ambassadors to the Suite, and while they were thrilled with their VIP seats, they were most excited to continue talking with team members from across JPMC's diverse business divisions. The Ambassadors, several of whom intend to study business in college, took a break from asking questions only for highlight reel worthy plays and a visit by Moondog. The JPMC team sent the Ambassadors off with special Cavs goodie bags and much to talk about on the ride home.

JPMC is hosting the rest of LeBron's high school senior Ambassadors on Friday, March 4, as the Cavs take on conference rival, the Washington Wizards.

We extend a special thank you to our JPMC family for spending their Saturday night with our Ambassadors.