The Eta Class

Four arms shot outward from the bright orange boat as the bath-warm white water raged on. Seconds into her unscheduled swim, Abby was hoisted from the water by her fellow Ambassadors. With a tap on her helmet and a smile from ear to ear, Abby signaled she was safe. After a quick high-five from her, teammates Abby picked up her paddle and got back to work. LeBron’s 330 Ambassadors navigated the trials of the New River’s famed white-water course with the confidence of seasoned veterans.

For their first act as a new class, LeBron sent his 330 Ambassadors to Lansing, West Virginia, home of Adventures on the Gorge and the site of their Growing Everyone Through Intensive Teamwork (G.E.T. I.T.) excursion. Made possible by the generosity of the Cleveland Cavaliers, the G.E.T. I.T. curriculum was created to build team by strengthening the individual.

Their success on the New River evolved from lessons learned the day before on the advanced high-elevation ropes course. With varying levels of comfort and skill, some Ambassadors breezed through the challenging course, while others took a more methodical approach. Debriefing as a team, the Ambassadors learned how their individual prowess on the ropes course led to breakdowns in team work and communication. Each Ambassador committed to learn from their mistakes to strengthen their team dynamic.

As their bond grew, so did their focus toward their mission as 330 Ambassadors. Gathering around a sunset campfire, the Ambassadors articulated their shared vision for the 2017-2018 school year. Working alongside the Foundation and Akron Public Schools, the Ambassadors will play a key role in the mentorship of our students and the development of our I Promise school.

Back home in Akron, the 330s immediately focused on their mission and task ahead. Merely days later, they served alongside Akron Public Schools educators and I Promise students as the Foundation unveiled its official plan for the I Promise school.

We are excited to watch this diverse group of 330 Ambassadors as they serve our children and lead the way for our I Promise program. Our 330 Ambassadors makes us proud to say, "We are family."