A Busy School Year

With the start of the 2014 – 2015 school year, LeBron and the Foundation are committed to over 800 students… In the words of Mr. LeBron, "IT’S SHOW TIME!!!"

Akron I PROMISE Network

They were with us from the beginning and we will be with them at graduation. Our Class of 2021 is entering sixth grade! As sixth graders, they have graduated from Wheels for Education (WFE) into the Akron I PROMISE Network (AIPN). The AIPN was created to help our kids keep their PROMISES as they navigate the changing environment of middle school and high school. Our kids transition to the AIPN in sixth grade and remain in the AIPN until they graduate high school.

From speeches in sold out stadiums to outrageously long Honor Roll streaks, our kids are trail blazers. We are calling on the Class of 2021 to be leaders, not only in their schools, but in their communities.

A key component of our AIPN curriculum is the theme, "EARNED NOT GIVEN." To receive their special AIPN welcome pack (we’re keeping its contents a secret, but here’s a hint: it’s going to rock), they must EARN it by participating in our community service day at The University of Akron. Each month, our kids can EARN the opportunity to win special prizes and gear. The more they go to school and arrive to class on time, the more chances they have to win.

Wheels for Education

While our Class of 2021 has graduated into the AIPN, the Class of 2024 has joined the Wheels for Education family.

Year in and year out, we strive to improve our curriculum and we do so with the help of our LAB Elementary. This year’s curriculum, bolstered by encouraging messages and phone calls from "Mr. LeBron," sees the exciting new addition of Hometown Hall meetings along with the expanded implementation of monthly outings. Over the next two school years, each Akron Public Schools cluster will host a Hometown Hall meeting. At the meeting, AIPN and WFE parents will have an opportunity to speak with members of the Foundation about the WFE and AIPN programs. Created to cultivate dialogue with our parents, Hometown Hall meetings will house our monthly Just Cling It! contest rewarding and our monthly incentive contest drawing.

Last year witnessed the first of our "exposure" outings. LeBron is committed to exposing his kids to as many experiences as possible. As a result, the Foundation has committed to a schedule of monthly outings. Each month, a new group of students (selected by Akron Public Schools), will be given the opportunity to go on a special outing with the Foundation.

Stay tuned to our digital properties for updates on our kids and our programs. We are excited for the upcoming school year and we are fortunate to have you on our team!