The performance hall of Miller South School for the Visual and Performing Arts filled with murmurs and excitement as LeBron’s Wheels for Education and Akron I PROMISE Network students awaited what Mr. LeBron had prepared for them on a Friday during school. The lights dimmed in the auditorium and on stage came a man donning one of Mr. LeBron’s orange Foundation t-shirts. World Renown Pianist, Lang Lang, made a special visit to Miller South for his good friend to put on a surprise performance for all of the Foundation students…and it was a performance that the students will remember forever.

Lang Lang opened up with a few classics for the students, going back and forth between slow and fast paced songs. It didn’t take long for all of the kids to be energized with excitement as Lang Lang answered request after request for song performances, surprising the crowd each time with fast finger movements. Students were so engaged in the performance that when he began taking questions from the audience, there wasn’t a single hand that wasn’t up waiting for a turn. Lang Lang accepted the challenge from one student and played blind-folded without missing a beat.

LeBron’s WFE and AIPN students got a taste of what a slam dunk on the piano looks like as Lang Lang gave them a demonstration of what Mr. LeBron had taught him. Lang Lang reiterated how important it is to practice every day, and that nothing is given, everything is earned. He also made a PROMISE that he would return to the school when he is back in two years!

Mr. LeBron wants his kids to continue keeping their PROMISE of trying new things and his good friend Lang Lang is right there by his side.