In the words of Mr. LeBron, the Foundation is "Back in the LAB."

September marks the beginning of the school year and the beginning of our LeBron Advisory Board session. Although our LAB session begins in September, our LAB members work with Team LJFF throughout the summer.

The first order of business for our LABs is to evaluate our summer events and examine our upcoming school interventions. The LAB Elementary, which is made up of Akron Public Schools elementary teachers, principals, and administrators, focuses on our Wheels for Education program. Our newly formed LAB Secondary, which is comprised of Akron Public Schools secondary teachers, administrators, and principals, focuses on our Akron I PROMISE Network students. To balance the LAB Elementary and Secondary, the Foundation turns to its LAB Community to help it evaluate its giving practices. The LAB Community is comprised of community leaders from a diverse range of local businesses.

Our LABs have helped plan a very exciting fall for our Wheels for Ed kids and our Akron I PROMISE Network students, including a trip to see the Zips play football, a private lunch with president Scarborough, a fishing trip, and our brand new Hometown Hall meetings.

We’re looking forward to the year at hand and are thankful for all of our LAB partners. Without them, none of this would be possible.