In the battle against high school graduation rate, early college campus exposure is an indispensable ally. In our battle against our hometown graduation rate, The University of Akron is our indispensable ally. On Saturday, September 20, over 2,500 Wheels for Ed kids and their families were invited by the Foundation and The University of Akron to attend the Zips football game against Marshall.

Whether our kids realize it or not, they are being exposed to life on a college campus. Within two months, many of our Wheels for Ed kids and their families have been on the campus of The University of Akron twice, and that number is only set to increase. This November, 10 of our Wheels for Ed kids will have a private lunch with The University of Akron President, Scott Scarborough.

The trip to the Zips game was part of the Foundation monthly Wheels for Ed outings. Each month over the course of the school year, and once over the summer, the Foundation takes a group of Wheels for Ed kids on a special outing. The outings are meant to expose our kids to experiences that will spark their minds and ignite their curiosity. All students are selected to participate by our partners at Akron Public Schools and are selected on a school to school rotation.

Whether our kids want to be basketball players, teachers, police officers, janitors, lawyers, mechanics, or anything in-between, LeBron, the Foundation, and our partners will help them achieve their dreams.