LeBron wasn’t done when he kept his PROMISE and rebuilt the gymnasium as his alma mater, St. Vincent – St. Mary High School. After unveiling the newly renovated LeBron James Arena, LeBron made another PROMISE: he PROMISED to build brand new training and recovery rooms to supplement the new arena and locker rooms.

In what were once old bathrooms now stand two, state of the art, training and recovery rooms. The training and recovery rooms are a familiar sight for LeBron largely because of their professional-grade equipment, one of which is LeBron’s favorite: the ice bath. Although LeBron frequently works out at his alma mater, he’s made it clear that the training and recovery rooms are for the students.

"I enjoy being able to utilize the recovery room with my trainer, but I did this for the kids. I was in their shoes, literally, and I know what this equipment will do for them and Doc Mags." – LeBron James