"It was a very special and memorable year for Team LJFF & LRMR, and we couldn't have done it without you," Executive Director Michele Campbell states as the music begins to play and her team begins to sway.

Team LJFF / LRMR traveled around Cleveland and Akron caroling to their prolific partners and enjoying the holiday spirit with them. As the team sang, listeners took in the message of LeBron's journey and a living room setting that displayed LeBron's "I PROMISE to never forget where I cam from" quote proudly above the fireplace and mantle.

Once the caroling was complete, those around were given a custom Nutcracker LeBron Wall's 360 Graphic to display anywhere they would like!

It was a special moment to share with all of those who make the operations of LeBron’s team run at Be Best levels.

Caroling Lyrics

In Akron O-hi-o

That is never too far

From the places that gather

The dreams that have been

Well he sat down one night

With a future so bright

Think-ing of his jour-ney

And of how it could be

Soon the snow would be falling

And his home was calling

It’s time to return

And the promise was kept

Here in the 3-3-0

Where lo-ove helped him grow

Inside of our town

Where weee… alllll… believe

The door opened wide

And LeBron came inside

Our home was uplifted

And our hopes were renewed

And he asked did we know

That outside in the snow

That someone was lost

Standing outside our door

His supporters all gazed

Through the lights and the haze

On a stage lit so bright

In the darkness of night

Where standing with joy

An Akron raised boy

Was a man the crowd loved

He never forgot

And the crowd, they were cheering

The season was nearing

The hometown hero turned

And said, now I am back

But how would you know this?

The people they’ve noticed

The Chosen One’s home

But he never really left

Then the world observed this life changing moment

And in all of his life he was never that far

And he did something else to make sure we all heard

Following his heart, he expressed every word

Then he looked to the children that make his heart beat

And they watched from below as he started to speak

Then he called to the group and said I.. love.. you..

Put the kids center stage, the world took notice

And we saw in his hand

That the promise was there

To the dreams we had all wished upon

If you want to arrange it

This world you can change it

If we could somehow make this

Promise thing last

By helping a neighbor

Or even a stranger

And to know who needs help

You need only just ask

Then he walked off the stage

Away from the lights

Just the pride and the love

Fireworks cracking through the air

So he walked back inside

Somehow different we think

For the rest of the night

Life changed in a blink

And the cynics will say

That some neighborhood kid

He would never come home

But LeBron proudly did

But they didn’t live here

So they couldn’t see

A love deeply rooted

On that night, Promise Kept

Soon the snow would be falling

And his home was calling

And in case you should wonder

In case you should care

We’re not on our own

He never left home

On that night of all nights

He’s always been here